South West Astronomy Fair

Will Gater:
Will Gater

Will Gater is an astronomy journalist, author and presenter. His work has appeared in New Scientist, BBC Sky    at Night Magazine, Focus and Astronomy Now, among others.
He is the author of several popular astronomy books – including The Cosmic Keyhole and The Night Sky Month by Month – and is the co-author of Dorling Kindersley’s The Practical Astronomerand Nature Guide: Stars and Planets.
Will is passionate about communicating the wonders of the Universe to all. He has made numerous appearances on television and radio to talk about astronomy and space, including on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, The Sky at Night and BBC One’s The One Show as well as Sky News, BBC News and the BBC World Service. He has also worked behind the camera as the astronomy researcher on the BBC’s long-running stargazing series The Sky at Night and hosted live astronomy shows for featuring real-time broadcasts of major space events alongside interviews with prominent astronomers, scientists and astronauts. 

Dave Rothery:
Dave Rothery
In November 2013 I became Professor of Planetary Geosciences.  I was a Senior Lecturer in the Open University Department of Earth Sciences since 1994 (transferring to the Planetary & Space Sciences Division of the new Dept of Physical Sciences in August 2011), and before that was a Lecturer here. During 1999-2004 I was Director of Teaching and Geosciences Programme Director. I have also been Leader of the IAVCEI Commission on Remote Sensing, and in 2005 I was appointed to the PPARC Solar System Advisory Panel and the BepiColombo Oversight Committee